Sontheim systems for various fieldbuses

Are you planning a fieldbus-based project or do you not yet exactly know what you need to consider when implementing fieldbus-based com­ponents?

We have a broad know-how in the field of fieldbus technology and are at your disposal for questions and further information.

Controlled Area Network

CAN – ISO 11898

Learn more about the CAN bus, RAW CAN and CANopen standard

Expansion of the Controlled Area Network

CAN FD – ISO 11898-1

CAN FD as an extension of the CAN fieldbus

ISOBUS - ISO 11783

ISOBUS – ISO 11783

Standardized de­scrip­tion of a com­muni­cation system for agri­cult­ural machines

EtherCAT - Ethernet for control automation technology

EtherCAT – ISO 15745-4

Ethernet for Control Auto­mation Technology (IEC 61158)

Local Interconnect Network


The Local Interconnect Network as a serial com­muni­cation system for net­work­ing sensors and actuators

K-Line - ISO 9141

K-Line – ISO 9141

The bidirectional one-wire bus for access to control units

Ethernet based field buses


Ethernet-based field bus­es accor­ding to the IEE standard 802.3

Profibus as a Standard of Fieldbuscommunication


PROFIBUS as the stan­dard for fieldbus com­muni­cation in auto­mation technology



Open Industrial Ethernet standard of the PROFI­BUS user organi­zation for automation