System solutions for Passenger Cars

Passenger cars

Our customers include large German automobile manu­fact­urers, which we supply with our systems. Especially in the area of ​​our dia­gnos­tic port­folio, manu­factur­ers rely on break-out boxes and VCIs, among other things, and above all on our extreme­ly high-performance protocol stacks. Our UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services) stack, DoIP (Diagnostic over Internet Protocol) stack and flash boot­loader are used by several car manu­fact­urers and impress with their slim design and high performance. A quick and easy adap­tation to different micro­control­lers ensures a very short time-to-market.

Moreover this speaks for the high quality of our stack solutions. Never­theless, car manu­fact­urers and suppliers can build on our expertise in the field of dia­gnos­tic standards. In addition to the ODX and OTX standard, we have modular VCIs, a MCD-3D server and a D-PDU API. These standards ensure inter­oper­ability and re­us­abil­ity of dia­gnos­tic proces­ses across several dif­ferent systems and are an integral part of the Sontheim diagnostic portfolio.