Breakout box - Development- and test systems
Breakout box
Breakout box
Breakout box - Development- and test systems
Breakout box
Breakout box

Breakout box

Factory and multidisciplinary Break­out box for easy cab­ling and con­nec­tion of var­i­ous meas­ure­ment setups

Key Features

  • 2× analysis plug, 5× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898, 1× serial
  • Simple cabling
  • Cross-plant and multidisciplinary project
  • Solid aluminium housing for top hat rail mounting


The Breakout box is used for simple cabling and for the connection of various meas­ure­ment setups that are to be carried out using the analysis interfaces. It is a cross-factory and cross-depart­mental Breakout box for vehicles from L6 upwards, where all essential PINs of the analysis plugs 1 and 2 are brought out. Ad­dit­io­nally, an adapter cable for the analysis interfaces 1 and 2, a termination cable and a Y-cable for the analysis interface 3 (Flex Ray) are available. The Breakout box offers great ad­vant­ages due to the easily acces­sible interfaces. All connections are plug­gable and can be connected using banana plugs as well as D-Sub plugs.

The module itself is made of robust alu­mi­ni­um and has a device for top hat rail mount­ing.

The interfaces are all on the front panel, which allows fast and clear cabling. A total of five CAN interfaces according to ISO 11898 are avail­able. In addition, D-Sub25 sockets are provided for the analysis plugs. The serial trace interface is im­ple­men­ted via D-Sub9. In addition to the D-Sub sockets, 10 ba­na­na sockets are avail­able for signal contacting, which are equipped with a green LED as soon as a connection is established.

Technical Data

Analysis plug2× Analysis socket, D-Sub25
CAN5× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898, D-Sub9
Serial Trace1× serial interface, D-Sub9
Dimensions (l×w×h)121 mm × 120 mm × 81,5 mm
Weightca. 400 g
Operating temperature0°C up to +60°C
Storage temperature–20°C up to +70°C
Humidity90 % non-condensing
Protection classIP20

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