eSys-SVC4 xt - Safety ECU with AUTOSAR
eSys-SVC4 xt - Safety ECU with AUTOSAR
eSys-SVC4 xt - Safety ECU with AUTOSAR
eSys-SVC4 xt - Safety ECU with AUTOSAR
eSys-SVC4 xt - Safety ECU with AUTOSAR
eSys-SVC4 xt - Safety ECU with AUTOSAR

eSys-SVC4 xt

ASIL-C safety control with AUTOSAR-compliant software archi­tec­ture, four CAN inter­faces accor­ding to ISO 11898, one LIN and 74 inputs and outputs

Key Features

  • Scalable safety controllers up to ASIL-C (according to ISO 26262)
  • High performance 32-bit dual core microcontroller
  • 4× CAN interface according to ISO 11898 and 1× LIN
  • Number of IOs: 42 inputs, 32 outputs
  • AUTOSAR compliant
  • Robust aluminium housing with automotive connectors


eSys-SVCx product family
The Safety ECU family consists of two different high-end safety modules with diff­erent configuration options. The wide range of app­li­ca­tions offers numerous pos­si­bil­i­ties for use in mobile machines such as trucks and trailers, as well as construction, agri­cult­ural and special-purpose machines.

Interfaces and safety-certified up to ASIL-C
A powerful 32-bit dual-core microcontroller with 160 MHz, up to four CAN, one LIN interface and 74 IOs (including PWM current control) can be used for applications up to Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIL-C). The risk classification is defined by the ISO standard 26262 for safety-relevant electrical/­electronic systems in motor vehicles. The electronics are protected by a robust die-cast aluminium housing and robust automotive connectors facilitate the connection to the control unit.

AUTOSAR-compliant software architecture
The safety controllers are available with various software packages. Starting with QM (quality management) based software up to ASIL-C and AUTOSAR compliant software, you can choose which software architecture is required for your application. This flexibility allows you to use it for a wide range of applications and safety requirements.


It always provides the customer with the optimum Safety-ECU – optimized for the in­di­vi­dual application and the best possible cost-benefit ratio.

The AUTOSAR standard (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture)
AUTOSAR is an open and standardized software architecture for automotive ECUs (without infotainment). The architecture scales to different vehicle and platform var­i­ants, takes into account system avail­a­bil­ity and system safety require­ments, and supports software transfer­a­bil­ity, sustain­able use of natural resources, and ease of main­te­nance throughout the entire product life cycle.

Among other things you benefit from:

  • Reduction of the number of ECUs in the vehicle by flexible assignment of ECU data with multiple functions
  • Easier integration into the vehicle through a defined architecture
  • Reusability of functions through fixed standards for important system functions and interfaces
  • Easy scalability and expandability. This makes a functional development for smaller quantities interesting
  • Function development possible, independent of the existing topology in specific vehicles

Technical Data

CPU32-bit microcontroller dual-core, 160 MHz
RAM128 KB internal
Flash1 MB internal
Interfaces & inputs/outputs 
CAN4× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898 and CAN 2.0 B
Analog inputs,
Pulldown 0–5 V and 0–32 V
20× (14× SAFE); 0–5 V and 0–32 V
Digital inputs or RPM inputs16× (1× SAFE)
Pulse inputs
PWM/HSS/LSS outputs15× PWM current range 0 to 2.0 A
10× HSS current range 0 to 2.0 A
4× LSS current range 0 to 1.0 A
Fixed voltage output2× 5 V, stabilized supply voltage, short-circuit proof
Sensor voltage output1× 12.7 V
3D acceleration sensor
Plug154-pin connector
HousingIP68 (opt. IP6K9K), die-cast aluminium
Dimensions (l×w×h)approx. 229 mm × 228 mm × 34 mm
Operating temperature–40°C up to +85°C housing temperature
Storage temperature–40°C up to +90°C housing temperature
Supply Voltage 
Supply voltage8–32 V (12 V or 24 V board version)
Power consumptionQuiescent current approx. 3 mA at 28.5 V, total current up to 80 A

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  • AUTOSAR compliant
  • 3× CAN interface according to ISO 11898
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