Diagnostic Systems by Sontheim

Diagnostic systems

The complexity and the diagnostic demands on modern machines and systems have increased enormously in recent years. The electrification of ve­hi­cles and machines re­quires expert tools with which the systems can be dia­gnosed. For years, Sontheim has been offering manufacturers and suppliers an in­te­gra­ted portfolio of diagnostic so­lu­tions, from the development of dia­gnos­tic se­quen­ces to the final dia­gno­sis. We rely on international standards such as ODX and OTX and guarantee reusability of diagnostic procedures and efficient, short de­vel­op­ment cycles.

Our systems are platform-independent, which means that diagnostics can be performed on a wide variety of target platforms, whether on a service PC or lap­top, on a mobile device, in the cloud or embedded directly in the vehicle. Finally, in addition to the diagnostic soft­ware, the por­tfo­lio also includes the appropriate Vehicle Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Inter­faces (VCI) for fast and secure access to your machines. With Sontheim as your partner, you have expert know­ledge from a single source for holistic dia­gnos­tic app­li­ca­tions and Service 4.0 applications.

MDT 2.0 - Modular Authoring System based on standards

MDT® 2.0

Modular authoring sys­tem for the cre­a­tion of complex dia­gnos­tic app­li­ca­tions in the auto­motive sector. Based on ODX and OTX stan­dard and an MCD-3D server.

  • ODX support according to ISO 22901-1
  • OTX support according to ISO 13209
  • MCD-3D Server
  • Platform independent
MDT Service Cloud - worldwide, independent diagnostic access

MDT® Service Cloud

The MDT® Service Cloud enables in­ter­ac­tive data exchange of your dia­gnos­tic app­li­ca­tion at any time and from any lo­ca­tion world­wide.

  • Simple data exchange
  • Administration of session logs, HEX files, etc.
  • HTTPS logging & SSL/TLS encryption
  • Direct ERP connection
CLCM 2.0 - Communication Lifecycle Manager

CLCM 2.0

The latest generation of the Communication Life­cycle Man­ager en­ables the entire ve­hicle data man­age­ment based on ODX in just one tool.

  • Mgmt. of all fieldbus-based data
  • Web-based tool
  • ODX 2.2.0 support according to ISO 22901-1
  • Automatic code generation
High-performance Vehicle Communication Interfaces


High-performance Ve­hi­cle Com­mu­ni­ca­tion In­ter­faces for de­vel­op­ment, pro­duc­tion and ser­vice app­li­ca­tions in the auto­mo­tive sector.

  • Up to 6× CAN interface
  • WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth, USB, ...
  • LIN, RS232, RS485, ...
  • With logging function
D-PDU-API - Standardized vehicle access


The D-PDU API enables stan­dar­dized ve­hi­cle ac­cess for our dia­gnos­tic tools.

  • According to ISO 22900-2
  • Standardized programming interface
  • Easy integration into our Modular Diagnostic Tool Chain
SAE J2534 API - PassThru API


The standard (PassThru API) forms the uni­form com­mu­ni­ca­tion ba­sis for the re­pro­gram­ming of con­trol units in the vehicle.

  • Standardized driver for Sontheim interfaces
  • Uniform programming interface
  • Execution of customer-specific J2534 applications
CANexplorer 4 - Fieldbus analysis software with intuitive handling

CANexplorer 4

Don’t lose any time du­ring CAN bus dia­gnos­tics and ben­e­fit from the mo­du­lar soft­ware for ac­qui­si­tion, proces­sing, dis­play and trans­mis­sion of CAN data.

  • Fieldbus analysis tool
  • User-defined measurement setups
  • Receive, process, send and abstract
  • J1939 and CANopen protocol support
Protocol Stacks - CAN, UDS, DOIP...

Protocol Stacks

High performance and precisely tailored to you. The modular design gua­ran­tees quick and ea­sy integration.

  • UDS stack acc. to ISO 14229
  • DoIP stack acc. to ISO 13400
  • Diagnostic Event Manager for UDS and J1939
  • Flashbootloader accord. to ISO 25119 SRL-2
BreakOutBox - Development- and test systems

Breakout box

Factory and mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­na­ry Break­out box for easy cab­ling and con­nec­tion of various mea­sure­ment setups.

  • 2× analysis connector (Sub-D25)
  • 5× CAN interface according to ISO 11898
  • Simple cabling
  • For vehicles from L6