CAN display with 5 inch and J1939 support
CAN display with 5 inch and J1939 support
CAN display with 5 inch and J1939 support
CAN display with 5 inch and J1939 support
CAN display with 5 inch and J1939 support
CAN display with 5 inch and J1939 support

CAN Display

CAN Display for visualization, moni­tor­ing and control of ma­chine data

Key Features

  • High resolution terminal
  • 5" TFT 16:9 display
  • 5× LED-lighted buttons
  • 1× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898
  • Linux operating system
  • Ready for MDT® 2.0 applications


The display has a 5 inch TFT 16:9 display and convinces with a high resolution and good read­a­bil­ity, even in poor light­ing con­dit­ions. Via CAN accor­ding to ISO 11898 and with J1939 pro­to­col sup­port, status in­for­ma­tion such as alarm mes­sages can be dis­play­ed or a spe­cif­ic dia­gnos­tic evaluation can be made. The operation is simple and clearly ar­ranged by means of five il­lu­mi­na­ted buttons and allows a quick and easy na­vi­ga­tion.

Own customer applications can be implemented using the MDT® 2.0 authoring system. This allows an individual design and uni­que graph­i­cal user inter­faces, while adhering to the com­mon dia­gnos­tic stan­dards ODX and OTX. Thus, the manu­fac­tur­er is not only able to design his user inter­faces and proces­ses on the display, but at the same time to set up the display as an anal­ys­is ins­tru­ment in con­si­der­a­tion of dia­gnos­tic standards. Embedded dia­gnos­tics of your systems is thus possible.

Technical Data

CPUFreescale i.MX6 dual core (Standard configuration)
Memory4 GB eMMC
Display5" TFT 16:9
Resolution800×480 WVGA, 24-bit color
Backlighting800–1000 cd/m² (50.000 h lifetime)
CAN1× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898
50 Kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s (250 Kbit/s default value)
(optional 2× CAN)
Further protocolsJ1939, proprietary protocols
IOs1× DO 500mA (LSS), optional 1× DI, 2×AI
Operating systemLinux
IP ClassificationIP67
Dimensions (l×w×h)108 mm × 139 mm × 45 mm
Operating temperature–20°C up to +70°C
Storage temperature–40°C up to +85°C
Input voltage6 V up to 32 V DC
CertificationAccording to CE and FCC 15b

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