Safety control unit with AUTOSAR

Development of a safety control unit with AUTOSAR

For a leading hydraulic manufacturer we developed an ASIL-C Safety control unit with AUTOSAR. The control unit is intended for use in vehicles according to ISO 26262.

The system controls x-by-wire systems and is intended as a platform for control systems in conjunction with practical safety requirements.

Sontheim Indusrtrie Elektronik GmbH has developed a Safety ECU family which is highly scalable and has been approved as a generic control unit. In addition, Sontheim supplies a software according to AUTOSAR-compliant specifications. The software platform allows a very fast development of an application software, which is compliant with functional safety aspects. The control unit achieves a safety level according to ISO 26262 ASIL-C and is certified accordingly. Further approvals are also planned to enable the Safety ECU family to be used in different markets.

eSys-SVC3 - Safety control unit according to ASIL-C


The control unit is a safe, robust and cost-optimized Safety ECU. It can be adapted to our customer requirements very quickly using our software solution.

Customers also benefit from the scalable design of safety controls.


Implemented and related products

eSys-SVC3 xt - Safety Control System according to ASIL-C

eSys-SVC3 xt

Powerful control unit according to ISO 26262 for safety-­related app­li­ca­tions up to ASIL-C. The extended version with three CAN inter­faces accor­ding to ISO 11898 con­vinces with numer­ous IOs.

  • Scalable safety controllers up to ASIL-C
  • AUTOSAR compliant
  • 3× CAN interface according to ISO 11898
  • 27× IOs